Dave’s Colon Cancer Story

Dave was a healthy 65-year-old man when he ended up in a hospital isolation room in March 2013. He was severely dehydrated, too weak to move, incredibly scared and wondering what was wrong with him.

A ward physician eventually gave Dave an answer, although it wasn’t the answer he had been looking for. He was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. “I was left to my very negative thinking without the details of my cancer diagnosis. I was very much on my own, and that was not the best way to start out on my cancer adventure,” Dave reflected.

Dave’s treatment eventually involved chemotherapy, radiation, multiple operations and many medical complications over 15 months.

One of the biggest difficulties throughout Dave’s cancer experience was letting go of control. “My life philosophy of ‘if it’s going to be, it’s up to me’ was quite inappropriate. I needed to let the experts be in control, but I wasn’t ready and fought everything with anger, aggressiveness and hostility,” Dave remembered.

He eventually became comfortable with the uncomfortable, which forced him to accept his vulnerability and acknowledge that his life would never be the same. Dave needed to create a new normal.

Dave discovered MyLifeLine.org as a way to reach out to a large group of extended family and friends and communicate his needs with everyone.

“Whenever I wanted to reach out to my support group to share the emotional journey I was travelling, all I needed to was access MyLifeLine.org,” Dave said. “I could compose my message and experience instant emotional relief. I can honestly say MyLifeLine.org was critical to my survival.”

Sharing his thoughts and feelings about his cancer experience through MyLifeLine.org became a way for Dave to control the emotional roller coaster of his diagnosis and a way to chart a path to his “new normal.”

Today Dave is cancer-free and has found his “new normal” way of living. He is paying back the help he received during his cancer experience by helping other cancer patients and caregivers.  Dave uses a live video interview format where he shares secrets, tips and advice that can be used to overcome the challenges of living with cancer at www.FindYourNewNormal.com.