Veronica’s Breast Cancer Story

Veronica’s doctor found a small lump during an annual physical and assured her it was probably nothing to worry about She was told to have an ultrasound and biopsy done though, just to be certain.

“I was a little alarmed but I just didn’t think cancer fit me,” Veronica recalled. “It was hard to process. I was dumbfounded that cancer could happen to me.”

On the way home from learning of her breast cancer diagnosis, Veronica passed a church sign that read, “Do not fear for I am with you.” She relied on her faith to bring her strength and comfort during her cancer journey.

“Even though I was prepared spiritually for a challenge like this and I was trusting God through the whole thing, I had to come to terms with what I was facing,” Veronica reflected. “You have to realize that this could be the end. This could be a death sentence and I had to be willing to take that if that’s where God wanted me to go.”

Veronica’s treatment began with a mastectomy and reconstruction.  Her oncologist didn’t recommend chemotherapy or radiation treatment so Veronica eventually ended up taking supplements designed from her bloodwork instead.

“My body has always been sensitive. I was terrified that if I got chemo or radiation it would kill me when tiny tumor wasn’t a big deal,” she remembered. “I went with the supplements for a year and I’ve been fine ever since.”

Writing was an important outlet for Veronica during her cancer journey and continues to be today.  She started blogging on her site and found the responses to be so positive that she was inspired to write a book about her experience.

“I learned that I do not have to perform to be loved,” Veronica reflected. “My family and friends were so attentive and concerned and so kind during that time.  The whole process of learning that people were there for me when I was at my most vulnerable was surprising.”

Veronica’s book is titled It’s Okay To Be Me: A Journey to God’s Heart by Way of Cancer.