Yvette's Uterine Cancer Story

Many people have a “Why me?” feeling when they learn they’ve been diagnosed with cancer. When Yvette was diagnosed with stage two uterine cancer, she felt the opposite.

“Why not me? One in every three women will get the endometrial cancers. In three of us, in three women that I know, I’m the one that got it,” Yvette reflected. “I would rather fight than see someone else fight.”

Yvette had stage one ovarian cancer two years prior to her uterine cancer diagnosis and her ovaries and tubes were removed at that time. Her doctor and oncologist both agreed that any other treatment wasn’t necessary. After learning she had uterine cancer Yvette felt disappointed that she didn’t get treatment the first time around , but she was ready to fight again.

“During my journey – finding my treatment and getting my treatment – I wasn’t scared,” Yvette recalled. “I’m very proud of myself. Other people see you and say, ‘Poor you, you have cancer.’ I never saw myself like that.”

Even during the most difficult parts of her treatment Yvette stayed positive with the help of her faith and her husband. She underwent five cycles of chemotherapy and seven weeks of radiation treatment.

Although Yvette kept a positive attitude during her journey, radiation was one of her low moments. She felt so discouraged that she wanted to give up during the third week of radiation.

“There were times that the chemo and radiation was very painful,” Yvette remembered. “It was a nightmare. I didn’t complain. I declined to be like that because then the evil one wins.”

Yvette found encouragement and support from her friends and family through her MyLifeLine.org site.

“It’s been a source of encouragement for me because I was able to write my feelings. I felt like there was a friend actually at my fingertips.” Yvette said of MyLifeLine.org.

Facing cancer made Yvette feel stronger than ever. She now feels that she and her husband can overcome anything thrown their way.

For others going through a similar experience, Yvette advised others to hold on, move past the fear and discouragement and wait for the positive blessings.

“You will not see it at that moment but there will be a positive outcome, whether it is to you directly or to family or friends,” Yvette said. “I’ve been able to give a lot of people strength and inspiration from what I have been through and I am very grateful for that.”